From an act of civility to a symbol of style and machismo, shaving has undergone a revolutionary change in terms of gadgets used. Centuries ago, clamshells and other odd objects were ‘shaving device’ which made way for safety razors and disposable blades. In recent times, shaver info for men includes the brand, price, and additional features bundled into a compact device. In addition to this, men can take a look at the trending devices that have created buzz online at

Types Of Electric Razors
Two types of razor categories offer benefits of their own.

Electric Rotary Shavers
If you have thick hair on your face, choose a rotary shaver that comes with three or more rotating heads. These devices work their way by separating the strands of hair away from the face so the rotating components inside cut the hair from the root. This type of shaver is suited for men who do not need to shave every day.

Foil Shavers
These shavers are gentle on your skin as they limit the blade’s contact with the skin, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin types. The shaver is equipped with a thin sheet of foil that covers the rotating blades that move the hair away from the skin surface so it can be neatly cut. You can find them in three or four-blade varieties, and they make their way in a smooth line on the face.

Use Of Beard Trimmers
A clipper is recommended if you wish to sport a stubble and you are looking at a shaving equipment that will work on your head and face. With a good quality beard trimmer, you should be able to clip the hair on your head after a few weeks’ time. This saves plenty of time if you are someone who is always on the go.

You will come across several types of shaving razors online or in the market. If you travel frequently, buy an electric razor that has accessories like a pouch for storing the razor; a lock for safety and a battery recharger. You can consider other features like a detachable cord and an automatic recharger that turns itself off when fully charged.

General Tips For A Smooth Shave
Trial Period- When you make a transit from a blade razor to an electric razor, give your facial skin time to get accustomed to the changes. Most of the products offer a 30- or 45-day trial period, so you have sufficient time to adjust to the changes.

Soften Facial Hair- For a comfortable shave, moisten the area with water and apply a shaving gel or cream before grazing the hair from the roots. Avoid the use of soap as it can leave your skin feeling like coarse sandpaper.

Direction Of Shave- Should you move the shaver against the direction of hair growth or towards it? When you use an electric razor, you get a smooth shave by moving the blades against the direction of the hair growth. Notice how your skin reacts, and you can change your shaving habits accordingly.

After you finish shaving, rinse your face with warm water to remove traces of foam and hair particles. Next, use cold water to close the pores. Apply a hydrating lotion to avoid drying and flakiness of skin.